Clarkson University Mirror

Benjamin Lannon

April 14, 2018

What is a Mirror?

A Mirror stores copies of Open Source Software and allows users to download or update software close to their physical location.

Computer Science students at Clarkson have maintained 4 iterations of Mirror since 2001.

Projects Hosted

35 Projects: 20 Linux Distros, 15 Software Products

Some notable ones include LibreOffice, VLC, Ubuntu, and many others

LibreOffice Logo VLC Logo Ubuntu Logo

Mirror Metric Terminology

  • RX: Recieved data in bytes
  • TX: Transferred data in bytes
  • Rate: Transfer rate in Mbit/s


A program to analyze hourly, daily, and monthly usage and store to backend database

Mirror General Stats Pie Charts


Daily Statistics on per-project bandwidth usage

Distrousage chart


API to quickly query data from the database

GraphQL Query

Big Achievements

  • 1.0PB bandwidth reached (1,000TB) on Jan 5, 2018
  • Blender & Libreoffice have frequently been getting 0.5-1TB bandwidth daily
  • Mirror is a Global Service

Global Usage on April 2nd


Mirror Stats: